On the (very) bleak prospects once you got a PhD.

Dart-Throwing Chimp

Over at Al-Jazeera English, Sarah Kendzior has just tossed a large and very cold bucket of water on the professional asiprations of many aspiring scholars with a bleak but frank assessment of the declining state of the academic job market. Writing about a friend she saw at this year’s annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Kendzior tells us that

My friend is an adjunct. She has a PhD in anthropology and teaches at a university, where she is paid $2100 per course. While she is a professor, she is not a Professor. She is, like 67 per cent of American university faculty, a part-time employee on a contract that may or may not be renewed each semester. She receives no benefits or health care. According to the Adjunct Project, a crowdsourced website revealing adjunct wages—data which universities have long kept under wraps—her salary is about average. If she taught five…

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