Adam Thirlwell writes about the fiction of Italo Calvino in The New Republic.


The Los Angeles Magazine tells the story of the city through 232 objects.


The ascents of tourists to the Everest has become a billion dollar industry. However, they are supported on the backs of Nepalese Sherpas who are responsible for the more complicated and dangerous tasks for a fee much lower than those charged to other participants. Here is a report of this unjust and difficult work.


Ulysses Seen, adapted and serialised graphic novel of Joyce.


Here, an interview with Kevin Spacey about the nine nominations received by House of Cards, the first production made ​​and distributed digitally exclusively through Netflix. And here, 50 great films to be viewed legally and free.


The Book Cover Archive, file covers and designers.


In 2012 the volunteer program CleanUP collected 5000 tons of rubbish from the coasts. To nobody’s surprise (and embarrassment of all) many of the pieces found were items we use every day.


An article about Rolling Stone’s magazine and its controversial cover.


The police sergeant Boston, Sean Murphy, outraged by the cover photo of Rolling Stone, decided to publish the pictures he took of Tsarnaev Dzhokhar hunting. His file includes dozens of photos because it works as “Photographer tactical” of the police force. Boston Magazine published a few of them.


According to The Economist, today more people go to watch football matches in stadiums in China than in Brazil.


A game developer used his experience as a parent of a child with cancer to create his latest title: That Dragon, Cancer.


Now that cooking shows on television seem ubiquitous, and gastronomic specialties seem really simple to prepare, Eaten magazine published a long article that assesses the promises and realities of studying gastronomy.


And in this regard, a study showing how the enrichment of nations makes them change hunger for obesity.


Detroit went bankrupt. The Huffington Post discusses the decline of the city.

Mount Everest from Kalapatthar.
Mount Everest from Kalapatthar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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