“Oh! And don’t fuck on the front whole, ’cause that glut of humanity you are creating is the real problem behind this”.

Nobody wants to hear: “don’t fuck in the front hole” after a hard day at work.

An Oregon State study just came out that shows that a woman who already recycles at her optimum will still increase her carbon footprint forty times by just having two children.

The next time you see a hybrid car with a baby seat in the back smash the windows out of that car Fight Club-style, steal the baby seat, leave a condom where the baby seat sat and see if you send a message.

Because that is every sanctimonious douche-bag who pretends to be part of the solution when they are the exact same problem that they pretend to be fighting against.

Your combined uteri bring more havoc to the environment than a thousand Dow Chemical Corporation accidents combined.

You don’t have the baby, you can drive an entire fleet of Hummers to and from work every day hanging your arse out of the window and farting styrofoam packing peanuts into the atmosphere and still not cause a fraction of the damage that one stupid baby causes to this planet.

If you want to help mother earth try sodomy. Sodomy is eco-friendly, and abortion is green.


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