La confianza en la política disminuye el riesgo de gravitar hacia el extremismo.

Hay factores psicológicos que llevan a que las personas se vean atraídas por los contenidos más banales, escandalizadores o emocionales.


The Psychology of Political Polarisation

The hyper-partisan nature of contemporary American politics is a major roadblock to effective compromise between Democrats and Republicans and an important contributor to rampant distrust of government in the U.S.  I identify three factors that contribute to our polarized political environment by describing how 1) genuine differences in the moral sensibilities of liberals and conservatives … Continue reading The Psychology of Political Polarisation

Reminders of Mortality Fuels Support for BREXIT, and Trump

This Theory Holds the Secret to Healing America's Division Terror Management Theory explains how we became divided and how to heal. Posted Feb 12, 2019 It’s clear that America is becoming increasingly divided, and if we remain on the path we’re on, things are only going to get worse. There will be more aggression in the streets, … Continue reading Reminders of Mortality Fuels Support for BREXIT, and Trump

Politically Motivated Cognition

Blinded By Ideology: People Find It Difficult To Think Logically About Arguments That Contradict Their Politics Cognition, Political, ThoughtJanuary 23, 2019 By Jesse Singal A heated political story in the United States last weekend perfectly illustrates how tribal politics can supercharge a human weakness that psychologists have been studying for some time – our deep-seated tendency to accept evidence that supports our … Continue reading Politically Motivated Cognition