Political Socialisation

Your politics aren't just passed down from your parents. This cartoon explains what actually happens. Also, parents: You’re probably wrong about your kid. Alvin Chang Nov 20, 2018, 12:43pm EST For decades, political scientists thought they knew how kids developed their political beliefs: They mimicked their parents. After all, the data showed that most children … Continue reading Political Socialisation


Conspiracy theories and disenfranchisement

Conspiracy Theories and Antisemitism. This entry was posted in Conspiracy Theories on 22 June 2018 by  Presentation to the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism, Palace of Westminster, 19 June 2018.Richard J. Evans For the past five years I’ve been Principal Investigator on the research project “Conspiracy and Democracy”, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. I have two co-investigators, … Continue reading Conspiracy theories and disenfranchisement

Identity Politics

Is contemporary partisanship “identity all the way down”? By Christopher M. Federico  22 October, 2018 If there is a single buzzword that sums up American politics in the present era, it is “polarization.” Though citizens and commentators alike loosely use the term to refer to the acrimony that characterizes relations between Democrats and Republicans, political scientists often … Continue reading Identity Politics

Enhancing turnout by stimulating social acceptance

The powerful social psychology behind those ‘I voted’ stickers It’s tiny, usually. No bigger than a fist, for certain. But that unassuming little “I voted” sticker holds significance greater than the adhesive paper it’s printed on. “It makes the wearer proud, and it reaffirms their values and their self-concept as a good citizen,” said Judith Hall, … Continue reading Enhancing turnout by stimulating social acceptance

The Three Pillars of Radicalisation.

The psychology of how someone becomes radicalized Angela Fritz Several hundred white nationalists and white supremacists carrying torches march through Charlottesville in August 2017. (Evelyn Hockstein/For The Washington Post) Before he walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue with three handguns and an assault rifle, authorities say, professed his desired to “kill Jews” and opened fire, Robert … Continue reading The Three Pillars of Radicalisation.

Certain Personality Traits are More Attracted to Populism.

The Personality Trait That Is Ripping America (and the World) Apart. People who are antagonistic resonate more with populist messages. Scott Barry Kaufman. October 26, 2018. "First there was the "Me Generation" then "Generation Me". Now we have empirical evidence that we live in what will become known as the "Asshole Age" otherwise known as the Twitter … Continue reading Certain Personality Traits are More Attracted to Populism.